Justin Kramp (ADULT & TEEN)

Master J is an incredible master. He has an amazing way of handling his students, and I believe I can speak for everyone who used to train under him, including my brother and myself that every practice was great. Master J shares great motivation with all of his students and he helps every student individually based on their needs. He is truly an incredible teacher.


Connie Maria Saucedo (FAMILY)

Our family loves Master J. He is a great role model for children to look up to and a wonderful master to all of his students. J Tiger Martial Arts is an excellent place to learn Tae Kwon Do for everyone.


Virginia Bradshaw (LITTLE TIGER)

My four year old son Gavin loves going to his Taekwondo Class! There are so many great things He is learning Gavin was shy before joining.
This class has helped him come out of his shell and be more confident. He is also learning about manners and showing respect. Master J does an incredible job teaching students of all ages. I am thrilled to have my son in this program!


Stovie Fleming (LITTLE TIGER)

Master J is amazing he is gentle but firm and gives the kids a great sense of self i can’t wait for him to mold my young son into a respectful man my son will be his pupil for many years to come!!!


Khadijah Jackson (JUNIOR TIGER)

My son Darius has been at J Tiger Martial Arts for nearly two years and he loves it! He has learned so much. Master J is a great instructor and is very good with the students. Thanks to Master J, his instructors, and staff, my son has really developed his leadership ability, has become more focused and responsible, and has really developed in his martial arts ability. He has also improved greatly in school with the help of the wonderful staff in the before and after care program. They make sure the kids complete their school work and provide a safe and fun environment to learn and interact with other students. We will be moving soon to Richmond, but we will still make the 1 hour drive so he can continue at J Tigers because it is worth it. He feels at home here. It’s a great school.


Laurie Bale Little (JUNIOR TIGER)

Master J is an amazing Master! He is a natural with the children. He makes TKD fun but also the kiddo’s pay him much respect. Very excited for his new school!