Little Tigers (Kids 6-13)

Kids martial arts classes in Fredericksburg, VA where kids gain focus, confidence and respect in a fun, positive setting.

white Belt

J Tiger Martial Arts classes for kids provide immediate benefits with results that will last a lifetime. J Tiger Martial Arts not only teaches children self-defense but gives them the tools to be successful in school and life. We teach them the path to achieve great things. We lead them to becoming a Black Belt while developing the mental fortitude and discipline to achieve their other life goals. Their efforts are constantly being reinforced by encouragement from their teachers and fellow students.


On top of great martial arts techniques your kids will also learn the skills needed to set goals. They will have the confidence to stretch their limits and reach for the stars.
Not only do J Tiger Martial Arts classes provide top-notch instruction and life-changing physical fitness, but it also provides dozens of rewards kids not found in other activities.

Here are just a few of the benefits awaiting your child when they take Martial Arts classes at J Tiger Martial Arts:

  • Greater concentration that leads to improved school grades and behavior
  • A fun fitness program that encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • Bully-prevention skills that will keep your child safe
  • Awareness of and respect for others
  • Better habits in school and at home
  • Improved confidence

Junior TigerGETTING STARTED is easy at J Tiger Martial Arts

At our school we teach kids step-by-step in a positive and encouraging manner. Our instruction focuses on what your child is doing right, and how we can help them reach their full potential.

  • Beginners are always welcome – no prior experience is necessary.
  • We offer a Trial Program that includes everything you need to get started.