Quality time with your children in a fun activity for the whole family.


At J Tiger Martial Arts, families are important! Most families value quality activities they can participate in together. Time spent together as a family should be priority.

There are a lot of activities we try to do together, but there is one we never miss: martial arts classes. It’s a fun and safe activity where we all go at our own pace.”

Call our school 540-898-0087 and see why so many families have made martial arts their family activity.

Family Programs at J Tiger Martial Arts develops team spirit!

Life is busy. We provide a time where your family can grow and learn together. The skills learned throughout this process will be beneficial to you as a family and provide you with knowledge and skills that will enhance every aspect of your life.

  • Time spent together as a family, building unity and getting to know each other better
  • The rate of black belt success is much higher for kids who train with their family
  • Time efficiency – the whole family can achieve their fitness and sport training at the same time!
  • Meet other positive and like-minded families
  • Etiquette and discipline are important parts of every family class, but we are also here to have fun. Our instructors love teaching and it is very evident in their individual styles. We strive to keep a positive family atmosphere and challenge each family member to be their best!

girl in white kimono ready to fight with clipping path


Take advantage of quality family bonding by signing up now for our Family Martial Arts program!

GETTING STARTED is easy at J Tiger Martial Arts

  • Beginners are always welcome – no prior experience is necessary.
  • We offer a Trial Program that includes everything you need to get started.