Adults & Teens

Young man practicing martial arts against black background

Martial arts classes for adults of all ages in Fredericksburg, VA


Get fit and relieve stress in an encouraging environment

Learn traditional yet modern Korean martial arts and build up self-confidence, get fit, improve focus, and empower yourself. Authentic Korean masters teach classes. Our adult program is for ages 14 and up, no experience necessary.


Benefits of the Adult and Teen Program at J Tiger Martial Arts:

  • Learn Self Defense: Through a wide variety of self defense techniques at every level, students become accustomed to using different areas of their body for self defense purposes and to utilize different techniques to hold down and escape an opponent.

Two people in kimono fight on white background

  • Better health and fitness: With stretching and cardio techniques related to training the body for maximum effectiveness in Tae Kwon Do, students are able to develop their bodies to be in better shape, have more flexibility, as well as more developed muscles.
  • Decrease Stress: From periods of meditation, proper exercise, and socializing through working together in Tae Kwon Do, Teenagers and Adults are more able to release themselves from stress and daily tensions as well as rest more peacefully when sleeping.

GETTING STARTED is easy at J Tiger Martial Arts

  • Beginners are always welcome – no prior experience is necessary.
  • We offer a Trial Program that includes everything you