Our Mission Statement

  • To provide the community traditional values of martial arts in a safe, clean and modern setting.
  • To develop character in students and to energize them to maximize their physical and mental potential to succeed in life.
  • To teach students the importance of helping the community through martial arts practice.


Our Philosophy

As a foundation of our mission statement, J Tiger Martial Arts is proud to work with the community to help provide a safe and educational environment for children. We are constantly looking for ways to help the community, through our charity fundraisers, self-defense seminars, and education demonstrations, to name a few.

At J Tiger Martial Arts, we understand the importance of correct guidance on the path to personal greatness. We continuously develop our award winning program to help current and future generations of Martial Artists develop and contribute to the world in a positive way.

J Tiger Martial arts award-winning program:

  • Family Atmosphere: We provide a welcoming, family-oriented atmosphere so that all families can find the benefits of doing Tae Kwon Do through our clean facilities and courteous staff.
  • Serious Workout: We develop the whole body through various warm up routines, drills and stretches.
  • Leadership Program: Teenagers gain real work experience through our Leadership Program, focusing on proper communication and other traits necessary to become a leader in any aspect of life.
  • Self-Defense: Master different techniques through training for self defense purposes so that students are prepared for any unforeseen circumstance.
  • Positive and Upbeat: Encouraging and positive staff help students achieve goals, maintain momentum in training, and make class and learning fun.
  • Character Development: Develop life skills such as respect, discipline, determination and many more through our set curriculum, so that students are prepared to succeed in life.
  • Flexible Schedule: Allowing families options for taking classes depending on their schedule allows the opportunity to fit Tae Kwon Do in as an essential part of life.
  • Multiple Classes: With Different Classes for different age levels, classes and instruction level are developed to fit age needs for young children, older children, teenagers or Adults.